Lady Rose Bassey, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, Akwa Ibom State, experimental the virtual reality immersive learning device during a training for teachers.

Agency Report

Teachers from select public secondary schools in Akwa Ibom State have been trained on the use of Virtual Reality Immersive Learning and EduTap, Information unit in the Ministry has reported.

The one-day training was organised by the Ministry of Education in partnership with Inforport Technology Limited, an information technology services outfit based in Lagos, held at Community secondary school, Aka Offot, Uyo.

The teachers were trained on the use of Virtual Reality Immersive Learning (VRILE) and EduTap Devices, which are innovative technology solutions which operate on electronic-based interfacing devices designed to ease the activities of imparting knowledge in schools using modern, digitised educational devices for easy retention of lessons by students.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Lady Rose Bassey, said the introduction of the innovative solutions device into the school system was based on priority attached to education of children by the state government.

“Education in modern times operates on the foundation of digitised structures that enhance acquisition of knowledge by students via e-book and other search engines, hence the need to train and equip teachers with the skills of digital education technologies.”

“This new system aligns with the policy trust of the Governor’s (Pastor Umo Eno) inclusive digital education of children and citizens in the state”, Lady Bassey added.

The Permanent Secretary charged teachers at the training to make good use of the knowledge gained so they would transfer to their colleagues and students in their various schools, noting that the exercise was a train-the-trainers.

Teachers experimenting the virtual reality immersive learning device and EduTap.

The Head, Directorate of Educational Services, Nse Ekpo, lauded the state government for advancing the use of information technology devices in the public secondary schools in the State, tasked participants on the need to exchange knowledge gained at the training programme with their colleagues and students.

The resource person, Mr. Akachukwu Ordu, who is the Product Manager, Inforport Technology Limited, said, the technology which birthed during COVID-19 lockdown was borne out from the background of electronic games for children with amazing innovation in teaching and learning.

“This devices encourage experiential learning as students can see what they are taught, and can retain without cramming the learned concepts”.

“The VRILE device has six years worth of contents loaded, covering Nigerian and British curriculums as it aid school children with ability to carryout experiments in multiple times as possible; eliminating the use of chemicals and acid points in the laboratories by students”.

Describing the EduTap device, Mr Ordu said the tablet is developed with a breakdown of every lesson, classwork, pre-test and examination questions that enhances easy teaching and learning activities for both teachers and students, all in a device as students.

In their goodwill messages, the State President, All Nigeria Confederation of Principals of Secondary Schools, Mr. Steve Akpabio, and the Principal of Community Secondary School, Aka Offot, Uyo, Mr Ime Akpakwa commended the state government for the training programme which they described as an effort that would upgrade schooling system in the state to a technology-based international standards.

On their part, Mrs. Ruth Jacob, teacher at Community Secondary School, Aka Offot, and her colleague, Mr. Isonguyo Ukpong, from Northern Annang Secondary School, Utu Etim Ekpo, lauded government for organising the training e which they said have impacted and grounded them with modern technological skills in teaching and learning.

The participating teachers promised to reciprocate the state government’s gesture by exchanging knowledge gained with their colleagues and students.