Mr. Ekitu Kenneth Agbomah

By Collins Arinze

As part of efforts to revamp the sports sector and support youths of Oshimili North Constituency, Delta state, the Kenneth Ekitu Agbomah Support Organisation (KEASO), the brainchild of Mr. Ekitu Kenneth Agbomah recently presented medals to the winners of the just concluded ‘Season 3’ football tournament in Ebu.

The tournament which has been solely sponsored by Chief Ekitu for three years consecutively, brought youths from all walks of life to Ebu for a thoroughly contested football competition.

Being a youth himself, Mr. Ekitu underscored the importance of sports in the general well-being of people, especially youths who are the lifewire of any society.

Addressing a crowd of youth supporters in Ebu, Mr. Ekitu stated that he was moved to sponsor the tournament after noticing that there is little or no support from government for struggling youths who deserve the best representation from their representatives at all levels of government.

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He said: “As an enthusiast, I know firsthand that sports helps to develop team spirit, leadership skills, fair play, never-give-up attitude and focus. It is a great leveller which helps us know our strengths and abilities, and understand process and result, and the value of planning, earnestness and sincerity.

“Having said that, I think that our people, especially youths like yourselves are under represented. I was moved to sponsor this tournament because of how hard our youths are trying with little or no support. The truth is that you deserve better than this. Legislatures are supposed to be representatives of the grassroot, but see the kind of representation you’re getting. Oshimili North youths deserve better.

“They are supposed to ensure that the executive arm of government provide the necessary infrastructure and basic amenities for the people. However, over the years, our people have suffered neglects from their so-called representatives.

“This is why I need the support of the people of Oshimili North to represent our Constituency in the Delta State House of Assembly come 2023. Many of you who already know me, are aware that I am a man of my words. I don’t do rhetorics. What I say, I do. Just as I have been consistent with sponsoring this tournament, if you support me to represent you, I will turn the fortunes of the youths of Oshimili North around.”

He said having spent a considerable number of years building his capacity overseas, he is poised to give back to his constituency.

Mr. Ekitu who also enjoys the support of elders in his constituency, has initiated and commissioned several people-oriented projects like boreholes and other amenities to ease the sufferings of his people.