Mr Peter Obi, Labour Party’s presidential candidate.

In the course of my life and career, I have met and interacted with several presidents and country leaders including Nigeria, Canada, Cameroon, Brazil, Austria, Germany, Rwanda, Mauritius etc.

One man stands out over the years. His name is Peter Obi.

In exactly a week, Nigeria will vote for its future.

Especially as I can’t cast a ballot away from home, I want to lend my voice to why Mr. Obi.

My reasons are largely very personal, with trust that action speaks in ways words cant.

When my mother lay on her dying bed, all the way in Bangalore, when there was no economic or political incentive to be by her side, he was there!

It was Peter Obi who announced the news of her passing to Nigerians when in our pain we didn’t have the voice.

When my husband Andrew and I got married, out of love for our late mother, in an environment where such a commitment is often buttressed by what one has to gain, he flew in to be there and to bear witness.

But above all, when our father’s life was cut short, and my little brother was alone in his pain to deal with the gruesome task of finding him, Peter Obi was there beside him. He had sprung into action and not only flew in, but went to the morgue, knowing that would be too much for any son.

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He was the one that took our father to the doctors that cared for his body amongst so many more acts of kindness and care. All at his own expense, with ‘nothing’ to gain! No papers were told, no press was there to capture photos. It was simply because it is who he is.

He was there when I published the book on my mother. See excerpt that pertains to him and his reputation for honesty.

He was there to celebrate our sister Ije in her appointed role as Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

Well before the causes for celebration, and through moments of mourning, he was there when we had nothing. Providing needed school fees in the 90s.

The mark of a leader is consistency. He is someone that has been a pillar, and will be the same for the country.

I know that many Nigerians share this sentiment and it is my hope that on the 25th of Feb., We are granted a free and fair election that allows the chorus of our voices to be heard.