Bridge use to demonstrate the story. Credit: Google/Mama Africa.


A man suspected to be a lunatic identified as Gideon, jumped off the Koka flyover on the Benin-Asaba expressway in Delta State.

Eye witnesses told our correspondent that the incident occured on Tuesday 25th April in Asaba, Delta State capital, was an unusual suicide attempt by a suspected lunatic.

One of the eyewitnesses and first responders to the scene of the incident narrated how the man was saved from further harm after jumping from the bridge.

“The middle-aged man landed flat on the tarred road after jumping from the bridge before sympathisers rushed to save him.

“Gideon claimed that he was a student of Holy Union Secondary School in far away Jerusalem.

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“He was unable to walk, we were the ones that carried him. After some moments people came and bought him food, that was when he got some strength to stand up.

“He was lying flat on the road and when we asked him what the problem was, he was unable to speak.

“I was watching him directly wondering why someone would jump down from the bridge, whether it was frustration or he is abnormal.

“I bought snacks and carbonated drink for him.

“I asked him where he hails from, he said he is from Nazareth, behind Galilee in Israel. He said he hung on the plane that someone wanted to help him but the person asked him to return but he decided to come through stowaway to Nigeria.”