Edidiong Udofiah, founder, CAPIOR.

By Evelyn Affia

The founder of CAPIOR, Edidiong Udofiah has revealed that her personal experience as an abused child inspired her to start a foundation for abused children.

Udofiah, who disclosed that CAPIOR is an acronym for Child Abuse Prevention Is Our Responsibility, noted that through her foundation, she is working to ensure that other children do not go through her experience and trauma.

“My personal experience inspired me – that is being a child that was abused. Also, I studied Psychology, and through it, I have learnt more about myself. I have learnt about trauma – what an abused person passes through at different stages of life.

“I was able to recognise all these based on my studies and it has really helped me evolve and become a better person by encouraging and helping others who have had the same experience,” she said.

The CAPIOR founder, who recently moved to Nigeria from the U.S., further disclosed that the foundation has undertaken many intervention programmes for abused, neglected and street children in Akwa Ibom State.

Being abused as a child inspired my foundation for abused children  - CAPIOR Founder Udofiah with rescued kids.

“My first major project in Akwa Ibom was during the Covid-19 pandemic where my foundation distributed foodstuff and other relief materials to about five local government areas. We also did sensitisation for street children.

“Also last year, we celebrated Valentine with the kids and take home packages like clothes and other supplies were given to them. On Mothers’ Day, we present basket of food items to mothers in the rural areas,” she added.

The Abak-born humanitarian noted that her foundation is open to partnership with the government and other public spirited organisations because the prevention of child abuse is the responsibility of everyone in the society.

She further disclosed that her biggest dream is to institute a programme in all the schools in Akwa Ibom to educate teachers and administrators on how to identify and attend to an abused child as well as how to intervene in order to stop the abuse.

“Funding is a challenge. Initially, I was using my own funds or whatever money I generated from my business, and along the way, there are people who want to help but cannot physically be there so they always send financial support or donate of food items, and other supplies,” she noted.