Mr. Paul Mendie.

Peter Obi is one of the presidential candidates in Nigeria from the Labour Party. He is seen by some people as a stingy man who will deny many people access to public fund from where they can steal to survive. Peter Obi is an Economist.

And an average economist believes that every money spent at anytime, everytime, and at anywhere must either be socially, physically or economically be profitable. Peter Obi believes that any money spent should have economic and physical benefits as first priority in the management of the country’s economy.

However, he has constantly stressed the fact that he will turn Nigeria from consumption economy to production based. This is the area that has attracted my attention.

Everyone knows that the production base of any country has 85% of the labour force at the youthful age. And so revamping the industrial hup will engage the teaming youths at work with resultant positive spill-over effect.
We have the Ajaokuta Still complex as the Industry of industries from where so many other industries will depend on for continuity.

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And this sector can employ about Three Million youths directly and indirectly. The Kaduna Textile Industry wouldn’t have collapsed if the Ajaokuta Still complex were alive. And it’s capable of employing Two Million youths directly and indirectly. Aluminum Smelter Company in Ikot Abasi has the labour capacity of Two Million youths directly and indirectly.

The Nigeria Newsprint Manufacturing Company NNMC at Okuiboku has the labour capacity of Five Million youths directly and Indirectly.
We had other industries like Sunshine Batteries at Ikot Ekpene; Peacock Paint at Etinan; Dunlop Tyres; PAN, and so many other Still industries which would have consumed the youthful labour force and subsequently reduce crime. There are also many Agricultural industries in the Northern parts of Nigeria that have collapsed and abandoned.

Successive Nigerian military and political lions had decided to connive with international asymmetric warlords to dismantle the production capacity of Nigeria. How does this happen? They will come negotiate, buy, sack the youthful labour force and fold up the companies.

And then encourage our importers to import same from their countries therefore turning Nigeria to a consumption based economy where recurrent expenditure is 90% over the capital expenditure of 10%.

This tide is what Peter Obi/Datti’s Government will make to become a turning point in Nigerian sceneries where you will only borrow money to invest and produce for even exportation instead of borrowing for consuming.

I am also of the believe that when Peter Obi becomes the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Ibaka Seaport will come on board; all the power plants in the country will come on board; Bayelsa, Edo, Ondo, and Ogun States will have their respective seaports developed. Onitsha Inland Ports will become effective with the dredging of River Niger which will also stop the Niger Delta floods.

These are all embodiments of an efficient and effective economic master planning adopted by Peter Obi and his very intelligent vice presidential nominee, Obi-Datti.

The team had earlier visited Egypt to understand how their power sector works. The duo of Obi and Datti believe in increasing the level of education in Nigeria by paying much attention to the sector.

All these were parts of the manifestos earlier presented by past corrupt government and politicians on the basis of personal pockets.

Peter Obi and Datti are good to go as the teaming population of youths have come to the realization that positive action is better than rhetorics.