Prince Saviour Iche, National President, Micro and Small Entrepreneurs of Nigeria.

Joseph Lebo

Lagos –The National President of Micro and Small Entrepreneurs of Nigeria, Prince Saviour Iche has called on President Bola Tinubu to give priority to micro and small entrepreneurs in the country.

Speaking with newsmen in Lagos, Comrade Prince Iche declared that the solution to economic doldrums in Nigeria is with small scale enterprises which have the larger capacity to reduce rate of unemployment and increase foreign earnings.

Prince Iche said Nigeria should take a cue from other foreign countries like China and give all necessary support that can enhance productivity of micro and small scale industries all over the country.

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He pointed out finance and power as two major things that are creating setback to the survival of small scale businesses in Nigeria saying if government can address these two problems, the nation’s economy will improve quickly.

The entrepreneur and human rights activist implored the new President to appoint someone who knows the working and functionalities micro and small business as the minister of trade and investment.

Iche said the ministry needs someone who can come up with ideas that will help propel and enhance activities of industries especially micro and small scale businesses.