Wale Abass, Commissioner of Police, Delta State.

OgheneOchuko Okumagba

The Police in Delta State have discovered a place in Ughelli where stolen cars are disassembled and sold.

This was discovered during a trail of suspects who stole a vehicle in Warri recently.

The police said it discovered seven suspected stolen vehicles, 16 car engines, 74 vehicle tyres, 16 engines, 8 gearboxes, 15 motor batteries, 2 motorcycle engines.

Among the seven vehicles include a Toyota Corolla with reg. no. AJ 638 EFR, a Toyota Carina with reg. no. WW 748 SL, a Toyota Corolla with reg. no. DU 60 LSR, a Toyota Corolla with reg. no. WWR 799 AE, a Toyota Corolla with reg. no. KSF 758 DC, and one unregistered Nissan car.

Two suspects Phillip Ekugbe and Onome Erikefe, were arrested by the Delta State Police in connection with the crime.

“The police launched an intelligence-led investigation, which led to the arrest of the suspects on June 14, 2023, around magistrate court area in Asaba. During interrogation, the suspect confessed to stealing the car with the intention of selling it. The vehicle has since been recovered, while efforts to arrest his accomplices are ongoing.”

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The suspects were reported to specialise in stealing cars in Warri and environs and taking it to Ughelli to disassemble them as sell the parts.

The police have been investigating cases of stolen vehicles in Warri, Asaba, Ughelli and environs.

Meanwhile, the police have killed a notorious kidnapper in Abraka.

Police said the suspect built a-15 room duplex around Orogun, Ughelli North local government area.