Mr Chunedum Ezebuiro.

Clifford Moore

Nigerians have been admonished to remain steadfast in their faith in God and expect the spiritual takeover and cleansing of the political space of the country.

This statement was made by Mr Chunedum Ezebuiro, in a release made available to journalists.

Ezebuiro likened the current and very traumatizing political quagmire in Nigeria to that of Goliath who boldly and fearlessly terrorised the people of Israel who seemed helpless and powerless in front of the formidable and terrorising warrior.

He said : ‘For several days, Goliath was celebrated with pride while the people of Israel were traumatised in agony until the unexpected happened!!! ADONAI, the Almighty Father and unlimited Deliverer of the poor, needy and oppressed, majestically and sovereignly caused the absolutely unrecognised David that was not even one of the registered soldiers in the battle, and thus, not given any chance of victory, to wonderfully become the celebrated, miraculous, confident and faithful Deliverer of and Restorer of confidence,peace and hope for Israel.’

Ezebuiro prophetically declared that this historic event will soon be very Graciously repeated in Nigeria again for the unprecedented Glory of ADONAI globally in the awesome and Incomparable Name of Yeshua Mashiac.

He implored Nigerians to remain peaceful and law abiding while they pray fervently and await the inevitable divine intervention which he said is going to happen soon, assuring them that every aspect of the Socioeconomic life, Peace and Comfort of the Peoples of Nigeria that have very painfully disappeared shall be restored and improved.

‘A new Nigeria shall emerge and graciously take her natural and rightful place in the comity of nations across the world’,Ezebuiro said.