Yemi Omodele.

Lebo Joseph

A Lagos based legal practitioner, Dr Yemi Omodele has called for criminalisation of the use of foreign currencies in Nigeria.

Speaking on the way to address socio -economic problems in the country, Dr Omodele said as much as foreign currencies are allowed to be a legal tender within the country, the local Naira will never have value and the economy will remain unstable.

He charged the incoming administration of Senator Ahmed Tinubu, to be sincere at making the nation’s refineries functional, because according to him, refining of crude oil within the shores of the country is one of the ways to strengthen the economy of the country, regretting that most of the economy policies of the Buhari’s administration compounded the economic woes of the people and totally crashed the nation’s efforts at rebuilding a virile, strong and formidable economic base.

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Dr Omodele charged the incoming administration not to disappoint Nigerians and should ensure usual corrupt practices and selfishness within the corridor of power are not allowed to overshadow the right to do things that will make a real change in the country.