Senator Bukola Saraki, arriving Plateau State.

By Marie-Therese Nanlong

Jos – Former Governor of Kwara State, Senator Bukola Saraki has reiterated that insecurity festers in the country because there is no accountability in the security subsector, stating he would ensure security if voted to be President of Nigeria in 2023.

Speaking in Jos, Plateau State on Monday when he met with the State leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party as well as the delegates ahead of the Party’s primary election, he highlighted reasons why he should be considered as the Presidential flag bearer of the Party, saying, he would hold people accountable and ensure justice in the land.

He reminded the people that the North Central zone has been used in the past to cement the unity of the country and the time has come for the region to be supported to produce a democratic President which he stressed he is qualified to be considered.

Saraki urged the people to remember the lofty relationship which existed between the Sarakis of Kwara and the Lars of Plateau saying, that the bond should not be broken but the memories of the patriots of the middle belt are respected.

He noted, “… We in the north-central have used our efforts, our money, our identity to elect other people as President… We resolved that day that it is time for others to work for us in the north-central, it is time for us to be the ones that will lead this country, it is time that for once, let us have a democratically elected President in the north-central.

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“This time, we want the Presidency for ourselves, it is for that we seek your support… That resolution we took that day, it is time for us to bring it home for all of us. In Nigeria today, we don’t have the luxury of just sending anyone to the Villa. The security situation in this country, which unfortunately the north-central bears the brunt needs to be tackled. We can’t continue like this, who will help us address our issue if not one of us?

“If I become President, I will tackle insecurity, I will hold people accountable, I will ensure justice. We need somebody who will capacity not the one who will say I am not aware… When I become President, Nigeria will be a place to be proud of…”

The State Party Chairman, Chris Hassan assured of support, saying Plateau would reciprocate the support he has been giving them especially when the State Party had been in need.