Mr Peter Obi, Presidential Candidate, Labour Party.

Abuja is set to host a literary activity on Tuesday, 7th February, with the public presentation of a compendium, three other books and one international magazine – all on the presidential candidate of the the Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi.

The personal letter signed by Mr. Peter Obi, inviting his friends, supporters and well-wishers to the event read: “I am pleased to inform you that, in support of my unalloyed commitment to steer the ship of the Nigerian Nation to safe shores, a group of seasoned Media Professionals has published a compendium entitled “Peter Obi: Many Voices, One Perspective”. The group is headed by the first female Professor of Mass Communication in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa, Prof. Chinyere Stella Okunna.”

Offering an insight into the book, Obi further explains: “The compendium features published articles authored by some of the best in the pen profession, as well as opinions by other high-profile commentators.”

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On why he would like his well-wishers to support the work, Obi’s letter further says: “As you are in the vanguard of the struggle to salvage our country and enthrone a New Nigeria, it is with a sense of mission that I respectfully invite you to the public presentation of the book.”

The book which will be presented at Ibeto Hotel Abuja, features about 500 voices on Mr. Peter Obi.

In a telephone conversation with the lead Editor, Prof. Okunna, she said that the work was inspired by the out-pouring of goodwill by Nigerians towards Obi. She explained that documenting people’s opinions on Obi would allow Nigerians to read and appreciate those qualities that stand him out among other politicians, with the aim of projecting him as a model worthy of emulation.

Credit : Sun.