Mr Muhammadu Buhari, President of Nigeria. (Credit : Facebook)

By Marie-Therese Nanlong

Jos – The Catholic Laity Council of Nigeria, CLCN has decried the killing of priests and other Nigerians by armed people and called on the federal government to address the challenge of insecurity.

The council says any government that cannot provide security for her people, indirectly tells them to defend themselves by whatever means they can.

The Council’s statement signed by Sir Henry Yunkwap, National President,
Catholic Laity Council of Nigeria said the body is “completely saddened by the unprovoked, brutal attack and massacre of Catholic worshippers on Pentecost Sunday, right inside the Church in Owo, during which over 40 unarmed Nigerians including women and children lost their lives, and many more were badly wounded.”

“We condemned the barbaric act and called on the government to as a matter of urgency arrest the perpetrators and address the issue of insecurity in the nation. While waiting for the government response, the situation keeps deteriorating as our Church and Priests are now the soft target of these daredevils. Any government that cannot provide security for its people, indirectly tells them to defend themselves by whatever means they can…

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“We strongly believe that this government is too intelligent not to know what is happening; as such they
owe Nigerians an explanation as to what is happening and why the Catholic Church and priests have become targets? To our fellow Catholics and indeed all Christians and men and women of goodwill, these are indeed perilous times in the history of our dear nation; therefore, we must rise to the occasion and begin to match words with action. We must demand accountability from our leaders; they must be seen taking action against these evil murderers, rather than merely sitting in their comfort zones issuing condolence messages…”