Mr. Onofiok Luke, member representing Etinan/Nsit Ubium/Nsit Ibom federal constituency and aspirant for the governorship in Akwa Ibom state.

Uwana Edighienyong, Uyo

The convener of National Political and Economic Discourse Group, Dr Jack Ekeng advised the chairman, House of Representatives Committee of Judiciary, Mr Onofiok Luke not be distracted in his aspiration to lead the Akwa Ibom state as Governor in 2023, saying that the people know who they will vote for.

In a release made available to the press on Wednesday, 16th February, Ekeng said the endorsement or anointing was programmed to make Luke lose focus but expressed his delight that instead of decelerating, Luke’s issue-based popularity has continued to soar, making him the most acceptable gubernatorial aspirant in the state at the moment.

“You cannot decree experience to exist. Of all the aspirants in the state so far, only Rt.Hon Onofiok can be said to be the most experienced having led the legislature at the highest level in the state and even fought to preserve democracy that was seriously threatened then.”

“Moving to the national level, he has not played a second fiddle even though he belongs to the opposition PDP. It takes a person with deep socio-political mastery to be chairman of a powerful committee as the judiciary even as first termer.”

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“That’s is why the youth, elders and women all over the state route for him as the only detribalised politician with the ability to pull the state out of the current socio- economic and political quagmire and return us to the part of progress, human capital development and socio-national integration currently lacking.”

While appealing to the youth to maintain their support for Luke, whom he described as one of their own, Ekeng said it was time to also try the youthful population at the highest level of managing the state affairs.

“We have tried the elders and they did their best. But their best was not good enough due to the fact that most of their programmes did not resonate with teeming youthful population of the state.

“We cannot subject this state again to gerontocracy when we have young but experienced professionals eagerly willing to serve. We thank God that someone like Rt.Hon. Onofiok Luke agreed to join the race. He is the only person for now that deserves our votes and we I’ll do everything possible that come June12, 2023, Luke would assumed office as our next governor. We shall be happy for.”

He said having listened to other aspirants, he has come understand that Luke is the only one that really understands the needs of all sectors and segments of Akwa Ibom State.

“It would be a great disservice to humanity if we as a people sell our birthright on the altar of assumed government candidate instead of displaying the independent and intellectual mindedness that Akwa Ibomites all over the world have been known for.” Ekeng said.