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Councillor decries lack of security in Kombun

By M. Peter – Jos

The Councillor representing Kombun Ward in the Mangu Local Government Council, Panel Vwar has lamented the absence of security in the area and called for the provision security personnel in the area to forestall further attack on the people.

It would be recalled that armed men suspected to be herdsmen last Wednesday invaded Kulben, a community in Kombin and killed not less than 15 youths who had been given a mass burial in the community.

Vwar in company of the Member representing Mangu/Bokkos federal constituency, Solomon Maren visited the site of the mass grave before proceeding to console with the District Head and other community members.

He told the federal lawmaker, “When this thing happened, it took three hours for securities to respond. But we understand because in the whole of Kombun Ward, despite its size in landmass and population, which is one of the largest in Plateau State, it only has three policemen.

“Even if they were to respond in time, how much can they do? We have a terrible terrain already, and the military are not there. How effective can these few ones be? I want to appeal that more security personnel should be hired so we can have sufficient manpower in the security system.

“I also wish to plead that government should find a way to support those who have given themselves for the protection of communities that is the Vigilante Group of Nigeria. They should not just be recognized as voluntary organizations but they should be legalized as an auxiliary of government.”

However, Maren noted, “This is most tragic and I lack the right words seeing this heap of sand under which our beloved brothers are laying. But what else can we say? What has happened to them has happened to us. It is to assure to them that we have not forgotten them. The bill for the legalization of the vigilante is before parliament. The bill has already passed second reading and is currently at the committee level, which is the last stage of the legislative process where it will be passed section by section.

“I want to assure you that once we resume this February, we will make sure that it is attended to so that the Vigilante Group of Nigeria will not just be a voluntary organization but it will also be regulated. I made a call to the Commissioner of Police to say that since this thing happened, there hasn’t been anybody here to assure the people of their safety and he said that he had directed 31 policemen to stay in the village till further notice.

“I want to appeal to the people to accommodate them, to feel free with them and to volunteer every information. They are here for you; they are here to protect you. Lastly I want to say that once we resume, this matter will be tabled before the parliament. I have been able to make series of calls to my colleagues from across the country and they have assured of their support to bring this matter before the parliament.

“This we believe will get the relevant agencies to do the right thing because once you bring a matter before the parliament, different individuals bring in their ideas on how best that issue can be resolved and so once that is done, we will begin to see changes. So I want to appeal to the people to remain calm and vigilant, and not to take the laws into their hands.”

The District Head of Kombun, HRH Tetmut Gambo who also spoke said, “We are saddened by this incident but somewhat consoled that you had to drive on this risky and terrible terrain to come and identify with us. It shows the heart you have for the people. Few days ago you made donations for security, business and education of our people and we we’re rejoicing.

“Today we are mourning and you are here. We are grateful and want to assure that we have left everything to God. We will not react if the plan of the killers is to pitch us against the people we have lived with for years. We won’t react and we will not let this break our bond as a people.”

However, the Fulani leader in the community, Ardo Isa Umaru added, “If I knew those who did it I will personally hunt and hand them over to security but this thing happened in the night and no one saw their faces. But I am praying for God to expose them and if truly they are my subjects, I will never spare them because they want to spoil the good life we have shared. I am over 60yrs old and this is where I was born. I don’t know anywhere else and I won’t let children that don’t know the value of communal living bring problems to us.”